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  • Table Cape

    A turn off along the cliff top route to Table Cape is rewarded with blanket views over Bass Strait, farmland and an historic light house.

    Tips from the road

    If you’re here at the right time of year, you’ll be blown away by the fields of tulips

  • Penguin

    There is a coastal drive that tucks into the village of Penguin. Groovy stores make this a top café stop by the seaside.

    Tips from the road

    Keep your eye out for the big penguin!

  • Devonport

    Right on the beach in Devonport is Mrs Jones for lunch. Not any old woman’s place, this restaurant has a chef of worldly experience; known for opening diners' minds with unmatched quality cuisine on the coast.

    Tips from the road

    Grab a coffee after lunch at the funky Laneway Café

  • Railton

    Railton has a hedge road of topiary bushes and then they have Seven Shed Brewery; home of the Kentish Ale with an open farm gate to their brewery, meadery and hop garden.

    Tips from the road

    Spot the town’s famous topiary on the way to Seven Sheds

  • Elizabeth Town

    There is a stretch of road known as Elizabeth Town and amongst the rural vista the farm of Ashgrove Cheese and Christmas Hills Raspberries; both cater for their produce fans admirably.

    Tips from the road

    Be sure to check out the painted cows at Ashgrove

  • Deloraine

    The scenic town of Deloraine has a fine Deli, fit for foraging while beyond the hills rise the Great Western Tiers.

    Tips from the road

    Just near the deli is a little shop called Seppenfelts – absolutely worth a look!

  • Lilydale

    Not far from Launceston, the countryside begins to show off its productive nature and there is no better place to taste local offerings that at Lilydale Larder

    Tips from the road

    If you would rather fly through the trees instead of a round of golf today, visit Hollybank Treetops Adventures

  • Pipers Brook

    Best known for grape strewn country with premium cool climate conditions. You can raise a classy cheer for the viticulturist at their cellar door in Pipers Brook

    Tips from the road

    A great place to re-stock the cellar!

  • Bridport

    A holiday destination for many, this coastal stretch now has a golf following with a world class links course, Barnbougle Dunes.

    Tips from the road

    There are great treatments available at the Barnbougle Lost Farm day spa

  • Ledgerwood

    The artful chainsaw – cut sculptures in the quiet nook of the island represent the local population lost to war; sculpted forever in the heart of Lederwood’s loved ones.

    Tips from the road

    For a scenic adventure stay on the back roads all the way to Pyengana

  • Binalong Bay

    Best of the beaches are found at this shack packed stopover. The quiet Bay of Fires is close by and stretches of surf rumbling over white sand make it an ultimate place to get barefoot.

    Tips from the road

    Go for a beach crawl along the stunning red lichen rocks

  • St Marys

    In the hills behind the east coast hides the unassuming town of St Mary’s and if you are peckish, Purple Possum Wholefoods & Café will change your day.

    Tips from the road

    Eclectic shop Cranks and Tinkerers is worth a visit

  • Bicheno

    This picturesque fishing town, blessed with the blow hole lures a large summer crowd and is the year – round home of many native creatures including the spotted quoll at East Coast Natureworld and little penguins best viewed on a local night tour.

    Tips from the road

    Take a glass bottom boat tour and see the sea creatures from a different angle

  • Swansea

    This town is pretty sweet with the delights of Kate’s Berry Farm by the sea. Beyond the main street discover an odd spiky landmark steeped in convict history.

    Tips from the road

    As you’re travelling be sure to visit one of the famous East Coast wineries

  • Richmond

    Richmond wears history on its sleeve. Buildings old; business new. On the outskirts of town, the Coal River Wine Region is dotted with stop overs at some the finest cellar doors in the state.

    Tips from the road

    Bring out your inner child at the Old Richmond Lolly Shop and get lost in the Maze

  • New Norfolk

    Antique bootie is hidden throughout this historic township nestled into a river bend in the picturesque Derwent Valley. New Norfolk is the third oldest settlement in Tasmania, established by evacuees relocated from Norfolk Island after the island prison was abandoned in 1807.

    Tips from the road

    Seek out some of the hidden treasures in one of New Norfolk’s many antique shops

  • Russell Falls

    This national park can pack a wilderness punch in easily accessed short walk trails, or may lure cross country skiers out into the scenery as far as the eye can see.

    Tips from the road

    Walk a little further past Russell Falls to take in the equally spectacular Horseshoe Falls

  • Lake St Clair

    Lake St Clair opens up the southern end of the noteworthy Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park with a walk trail and interpretation centre. It’s a chance to get to know Tassie’s remote wilderness.

    Tips from the road

    Did you know that Lake St Clair is the deepest lake in the Southern Hemisphere? Why not take a boat ride?

  • Queenstown

    This town is arid like a desert, but with the climate of the Tasmanian west. Barren by mining misdemeanour, the town still holds close its strong heritage and inspires an edgy arts scene.

    Tips from the road

    Check out the gravel football oval – they’re made of tough stuff in the west!

  • Sarah Island

    Once a dreaded nook of Van Diemans Land, a land locked prison for the worst of convict kind, Sarah Island now docks tourists and presents a haunting reliving of Tassie’s dark past.

    Tips from the road

    Be sure to take the walking tour on Sarah Island

  • Zeehan

    “Silver City of the West”, Zeehan once was. Opera greats performed at The Gaiety Theatre, still standing. Now the West Coast Pioneers Memorial Museum is a reminder of Zeehan’s riches not just below the ground.

    Tips from the road

    Walk through the Spray Tunnel (not for the claustrophobic!)

  • Boat Harbour

    The beach hamlet has azure water of a tropical island and a laid back attitude that harks back to the old days of traditional family beach holidays; and a surf club where locals and travellers can mingle over fresh fish and chips.

    Tips from the road

    Relax after dinner with a walk on the beach

  • Nelson Falls

    It’s Gondwana Land: It’s Nelson Falls. A pocket of the Nelson Valley, wet and wild enough still to hold many species of ancient plant life on one short walk track.

    Tips from the road

    Remember to take your camera on this short walk – you’ll be disappointed if you forget!

Tasmania is full of hidden gems. It’s a place that offers delightful surprises around every country road, coastal nook or village cranny. And like most treasured escapes, it’s the journey rather than the destination that leaves the traveller inspired and enriched. Like our two mates Cameron and Graham. Follow their journey of discovery around this BIG little island and use their tips and travels to help plan your own Tasmanian expedition. From luxury wilderness lodges to harvest markets, outrageous art to moments of pristine solitude, whatever you treasure most in a holiday, you’ll find it in Tasmania.

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